Trust Options

The structures involve using offshore trusts due to the privacy, and protection this offers in keeping your assets out of reach of creditors and court rulings. Whilst the trust will be established offshore, all assets will remain in the UK under your full fiduciary control under an onshore wealth administration arrangement. This is achieved by incorporating a domestic limited liability company known as a Personal Management Company, which acts purely in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of the trust assets.

Due to the use of offshore trusts, we recommend the use of jurisdictions with an established legal system based on English Common Law.

All Trusts are available as a bespoke arrangement or an umbrella trust.

With a bespoke arrangement, a new trust is established with trustees of your choice. We can recommend trustees from various jurisdictions including Belize, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands – a full list of jurisdictions is available on request. Whilst a bespoke arrangement carries higher charges than the umbrella trusts, this will give you more flexibility and control as you will be able to appoint new trustees if required.

Umbrella trusts offer a lower cost solution, by adhering to an already established offshore master trust. The trusts are currently established in Belize, which boasts strong ties to the UK, and a diligent track record of providing trustee services for use with the trusts.

Full details of setup and ongoing costs can be supplied on request.