Remuneration Trust

Aimed at small to medium sized companies looking to fund an incentives plan, under statutory protection by making a legal deduction of profits from its Profit & Loss account to the Remuneration Trust. Business owners and directors trading either as a Limited Company, LLP, Sole Trader or Partnership can benefit, and can reduce exposure to Corporation Tax, Income Tax & National Insurance liabilities.

Loans can be made to the company for cashflow or to the directors / business owners, and are tax-free in the hands of the reciever.

Remuneration trusts are currently being used by in excess of 10,000 individuals & businesses in the UK, and anyone earning over £40,000 pa will see a significant saving by using one. Based on taking a small salary & dividends totaling £100,000, the personal & corporation tax savings would be somewhere in the region of £21,000 per annum, however the savings are unlimited.

  • Contributions to a remuneration trust are fully tax-deductible, allowed by statutory UK reliefs and disclosed on your Profit & Loss statement
  • Tax & National Insurance savings are unlimited
  • Money in the trust can be invested, or can be loaned to beneficiaries tax-free
  • Any returns or growth within the trust is tax-free

Please contact us for full costs and details of how a remuneration trust can benefit you and your business.