Key Benefits

All trusts are fully disclosed to HMRC, have been known to them since 1994 and comply with all relevant legislation and accounting standards. As such no successful challenges have been made against any of the trusts by HMRC.

The trusts structures were approved by the House of Lords in 2005, and are not tax avoidance schemes. Therefore they do not have to register with HMRC for a DOTAS (Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes) reference number.

These highly advanced structures are currently being used by in excess of 20,000 successful & savvy individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs, all seeking greater freedom and financial flexibility with their wealth.

Leading QC’s have given their qualified opinion, and have confirmed that the mechanisms work for the intended purpose. Full QC’s opinion is available on request.

Key Benefits Of The Trusts

  • All assets will be held in a tax exempt trust under your full fiduciary control
  • All assets will grow free of any taxes
  • Tax-free loans can be taken from the trusts
  • Loans will reduce the value of your estate for Inheritance Tax
  • Future control of the trust assets, including repaid loans, will be left to your beneficiaries on death
  • Assets will be immediately protected from creditors & divorce
  • All assets will remain onshore in the UK