About Trusts

“What you don’t own, can’t be taken from you”

In simple terms a trust is a legal relationship, where assets are held by one party for the benefit of another. By transferring the legal title of your assets to a trust, your are splitting ownership and control, which can optimise your tax position, as they will no longer form part of your personal estate.

Trusts are a product of common law dating back to the Middle Ages, and have traditionally been used by savvy individuals as an effective remuneration and estate planning tool.

Our preferred legal partner has been successfully achieving unrivaled tax solutions to some of the worlds wealthiest families and business since 1994, and have developed the trust strategies we use.

They are a London based firm of specialist tax advisers, staffed by an in-house legal team who are made up of ex-HMRC, solicitors, accountants & tax advisors.

Through their marketing arm, a suite of specially developed trust structures have been crafted and are exclusively available through their agents. The tax structures offer unique tax benefits, with full ongoing legal support, backed up by a professional indemnity guarantee. They are established only after the professional council opinion has been attained from leading QC’s, some of whom are considered the UK’s foremost authority on the issues of trusts & taxation.

Clifton Trustees has carried out in depth research and due diligence, and are confident that these trusts achieve robust tax planning structures as anticipated. Our legal partners have a proven track record over a period spanning 3 decades, and are recognised as industry leaders in the field of tax efficient trust planning.

The trusts we promote are exclusively distributed through a panel of carefully selected partners, and Clifton Trustees are proud to be able to offer these highly advanced solutions to its clients.