Abdul Choudhury | Operations Director

manAs Operations Director Abdul is responsible for ensuring that the operations and integrity of Clifton Trustees as a business is maintained at all times. His key strength is the ability to look at existing scenarios and match these up at a very early stage with optimal solutions – his breadth of experience in financial services allows him to do this confidently and with ease.

Abdul graduated with a BA Honours business degree and has worked in senior operations management roles for over 15 years. He developed a passion for finance and understanding finance and has since been working with the finance industry for the last 10 years.

He has an extended interest in the economy and is a keen property, currency and stock investor. He has also contributed to regional BBC radio shows, helping listeners understand how the UK finance system works.

Abdul also assists clients with commercial loan transactions, brokeraging bespoke deals and holds relationships with the most trusted financial institutions. He also holds regulated mortgage and insurance qualifications.

His outside interests include following technology and how technology is shaping our lives. He tells us he relaxes by going to the gym, unfortunately his gym declined to comment on how frequently he actually attends!