About Clifton Trustees

left_bg“From sandals to sandals in three generations”

This ancient Chinese proverb describes how one generation makes a great fortune, the second maintains it, before the third spends it, left with nothing but the sandals that their forefathers started in. This is the reality for many, with few families successfully managing and preserving their wealth.

To survive and grow over time, assets and estates need protection – from political upheaval, changing legislation and ever increasing taxation.

In the current economic climate, the Government’s focus is on increasing their revenues through taxation, and the likelihood is that it will remain prevalent on their agenda for years to come. With ever more complex fiscal policy, professional advice is needed more than ever to shelter your earnings and your wealth from the devastating effects of taxation.

Clifton Trustees is a boutique tax and wealth consultancy, which helps its clients pay the minimum amount of tax required by UK law through the use of highly advanced trust strategies.

Through the use of statutory reliefs, we work with individuals, businesses and their professional advisers, to help them leverage the best potential from their wealth and reduce their exposure to UK tax.